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elna ironing presses
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elna ironing presses

Price: $1,299.00

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Pictured is the Elna Opal presses. Elna Presses will be available in April 2012

Elna have moved their factory. This has held up production

Metro Sewing Centre promise you a whole new range of elna presses will be available then

Watch this space

Scoop purchase

The Elna Alize Press

only $499

RRP $699

Sold out

New stock available in April 2012

2 year warranty

The Alize Ironing press slashed to only $499 save $200 off RRP

12 Months Guarantee

swiss made press only $1299

This press is not available till April 2012.

ring 1300137041 for more info

The Elna Press factory is moving and production is on hold for a few months.

The Elna Alize press available at $499.(as above)

  • Cuts ironing time in half

  • freight is extra.

Easy to use.

Throw away your Iron now

this is the latest ironing press from elna

plus $50 freight

2 Year warranty

For this Swiss made ironing press

elna opal press

  • key features of the elna opal press.
  • the new opal press has a great look. it is sturdy and reliable
  • with a fresh aqua colour the new opal looks stylish and sophisticated. the opal has a sturdy one piece
  • movable handle assemble and one piece cast base and stand.
    both the handle and shoe assemblies are lighter in weight to those of earlier models. the new opal
  • comes with a vap-o-jet as standard (value $125.) the vap-o-jet is similar in design to that of the
  • sapphire (previous top end model). this allows a wider spray coverage with out leaking.
  • overall the new opal is a superior quality press to earlier ,models and represents fantastic
  • value for consumers.
    comphrensive video and instruction manual is included to ensure that consumers can get
  • the optimum use of their new opal press.
  • features
  • ironing board
  • the ironing board measures 62cm x 25 cms. ( 243/4" x 10 inches)
    it is made from finnish birchwood. the board will not warp even after constant
  • exposure to heat and humilty.
  • sleeve boards
  • leeve board is standard on the opal and is a "roll up" configuration. the sleeve board
  • measures 55cm x 11cm or 22 inches x 4,1/2 inches.
  • total weight
  • 12 kgs (or 26 1/2 lbs) this is 2 kgs lighter than the geneve 2000.
  • ironing pressure
  • 45kgs of pressure combine with heat to ensure even multi-layer pressing. for pressing delicate items or
  • those with a nap or pile the mini pressure should be used to eliminate flattening the pile.
  • heat settings
  • there are four heat settings covering nylon through to linen.
  • safety features
  • if the opal is left with the shoe down for more than 10 seconds the warning buzzer will sound and
  • will cut the heat to the shoe. it has a lockable handle for easier transportation.
    the opal will automatically switch itself off. it cuts off after being un used for more than 15 minutes.
  • vap-o-jet
  • the opal comes with a removable handle mounted vap-o-jet. this is similar to the vap_o-jet of the
  • sapphire and the alize (optional with alize) and it uses regular tap water. the vap-o-jet is filled
  • using standard tap water and should be emptied after use.
  • country of manufacture
  • Switzerland
  • the famous red cross symbol
  • The Elna Opal ..........a gem of an idea!
  • Reason 5: Takes a load off your feet.
    Download the video!

  • The Elna Opal press is an excellent appliance for pressing all your laundry. On this page you will find
  • step by step examples of some of the more common items you may find in your laundry basket.
    Man's Shirt

    Yoke: arrange over the sleeve board.

    Cuffs: can also be pressed on the sleeve board.



    Shirt Tail


    Waistband: Dampen the waistband using the Vap-O-Jet.

    Press the waistband by rotating it around the sleeve board.

    Or, use the cushion on the main board to fan out the shape.


    Crotch Area



    Tablecloth / Sheet

    Fold into 3 or 4 layers.

    Accordion pleat and place at the back.

    Move item towards you and press.

    Continue in this manner until it is complete.

    Use this procedure for most large flat items.



    Children's clothing


    Velvet: Place
    right side face down. Bring the movable handle only half way down to apply partial pressure.

    Pleated skirt


    Embroidery: Place right side face down. Apply full pressure.

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