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range of embroidery cards

all embroidery cards have a 5% discount for websters

6005 picture

model 6005 70 stitch embroidery machine coming soon

2004sp sewing machines

2004sp only $399 usually $499

3003s funstyler

3003s funstyler. on special for $549. usually $699

3005 finishing soon

3005, 18 stitch sewing machine only $599

presses from $599 to $879

sapphire top of range ironing press. only $799 save $80

3007 $799 electronic version

3007. electronically controlled only $799

945 dcx computerised overlocker normal price $2399

on special to websters at the moment for $1999 limited time offer"

8006 embroidery machine $2399

8006. 21 stitches plus embroidery only $2399

6003q quilters dream

6003q. quilters dream $1399

6004 computer sewing machine$1299

6004. was $1499 special price $1299

ce20 embroidery machine. on special at $3499. was $4499

at metro we make sure you get the best deals

websters pay only $999 for this package.

another picture of scan and sew

envision scan pc is a scanning unit with computer compatibility. scan an image in one step, instead of the multiple scans necessary with conventional scanners. or don't scan at all! use the system to open “clip art” downloaded from the internet or other graphics files and save it to an embroidery card in a matter of minutes.

the true genius of this system is its simplicity. as you scan a design, it appears on your computer screen. the software converts the image into outline form, ready for you to make your color and stitch selections for each section of the design. experiment with various colors on screen. the system allows you to view your entire design in full color. you know exactly what your design will look like before you ever come near a sewing machine. with one click of the mouse, you can select a specific section of your design and change the color. take your scanned design and combine it with another design on your screen. add a butterfly to your floral design or turn one sailboat into a fleet. change your mind as often as you like. even after the design has been saved, you can go back into the design, make changes, and re-save.


  • computer compatible scanning system
  • scans images in one step
  • images can be reduced, enlarged, rotated, multiplied, mirror imaged, and combined
  • designs can be scanned, imported from “clip art”/graphic files, or downloaded from the internet
  • eight stitch styles include horizontal weaving, diagonal weaving, vertical weaving, straight stitch, 2mm zigzag, 3mm zigzag, 5mm zigzag, or cross stitch
  • on screen full color editing
  • compatible with the envision ce20 or 8006
  • the completed design can be saved to an envision card, floppy disk, or your hard drive

as an additional bonus, the envision scan pc software comes with a large number of pre-scanned images that are automatically loaded when you install the software. these designs can be modified just like any other design.

when you are ready to embroider your design, simply insert the embroidery card into your ce20 or 8006 and select the design just like you would with a pre-programmed card.

loading the envision scan pc software on to your computer couldn't be easier. the main requirement is that you have windows 95. simply insert the cd into your disk drive, go to “my computer”, open the “control panel” on your computer, select “add/remove programs”, select “install”, then follow the directions on the screen. the entire process takes about five minutes.

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