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brother embroidery card library

buying any of these cards from this web site will automatically give you a 10% reduction off the listed prices.

to become eligible for the reduction you need to register with our sewing club before getting the discount

freight is $5.00 per card

to become a member simply click on the email icon below . advise us your model of machine no strings attached at all.

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price list

all cards vary from $125 to $199

cards 1 to 14 are $125
card 16 is $125.
card 15 is $139.
card 18 to 21 is $125.
card 24 is $125
card 22 quilting is $179.
card 23 white embroidery is $139.
card 17 mario bros $159.
snoopy card $199.
disney card $199

pokemon is $159

find below picture of pokemon card

suits all embroidery models of brother


this design has 17,642 stitches, 9 colours and 10 threade changes

brother card pokemon $159

brother card pokemon $159

brother card pokemon $159

brother card pokemon $159

brother card pokemon $159

brother card pokemon $159

click here to see more pokomon characters

pokemon is the most desired character from japan

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the follow designs are available. pictures and independent pages to follow soon.

no. name applicable machines s1 utility/decorative stitch upgrade memory card super galaxie ii 22 quilting super galaxie 3000/2100/2000 23 white embroidery super galaxie 3000/2100/2000

more details soon

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