Huge bonuses with all sewing machines over $300 Offer does not apply if parts are added to cheaper machines

Mothers days specials

Huge $165 valued bonus with every machine over $300 on our Janome and Elna range . save on Horn cabinets and Ironing presses too


Sewing machines

Free Delivery to Australia. Huge Mark down sale on now. Prices tumble only for a limited time


Janome DC2050 with super Bonus valued at $339

Mothers Day 2021 special offer. Huge Bonus valued at $339 with Janome DC2050 computerized sewing machine. Pay only $499 and get the lot. buy on line or ring us on 1300137041, free Delivery.


Elna star sewing machine as advertised on radio 89.9fm

As advertised on 89.9fm. Only have 10 machines to sell. as advertised on radio 89.9fm The Elna star sewing machine is a special purchase pay only $399. weighs only 6 kilos.


Four thread differential feed overlocker. unbranded but made by Janome

Pay only $249 Buy this unbranded Janome 8002d overlocker for a fraction of the price of the branded one. there is absolutley no difference.


Unbranded JR1012 sewing machine from Janome

Only a few left. Pay only $169. Huge discount for the Unbranded jr1012. It IS MADE BY JANOME. It has 12 stitches plus a four step buttonhole.

AU$299.00 AU$169.00

Elna 2000 sewing machine

5 year warranty for the Elna 2000 sewing machine. Pay $199 . Limited stocks. Save $200 off RRP

AU$399.00 AU$199.00

Elna 1000 sewing machine

Mothers day 2021 special. with dressmaking scissors valued at $40. The Elna 1000 sewing machine pay only $249 . Save $150 off RRP. . It is an Ideal beginners sewing machine. 5 star rating.

AU$399.00 AU$249.00

Elna experience 450 sewing machine

Mothers day special Pay only $399 for the new Elna Experience 450 sewing machine. save $200 off RRP. has bonus walking foot and 1/4" foot

AU$599.00 AU$399.00

Janome DC6050 sewing machine

Minimum $50 trade in when you pay only $799 and Get a bonus valued at $165 plus free delivery. It is our most popular seller . It is the Janome DC6050 sewing machine .. save $200 off RRP.

AU$999.00 AU$799.00

Janome Sewist 780DC computerised sewing machine

Pay only $849 and Receive a bonus valued at $165 when you buy The Janome 780dc Sewist sewing machine Save $450 off RRP.

AU$1299.00 AU$849.00

Horn Monarch sewing cabinet

Autumn 2021 special offer.. Pay only $759 for the Horn Monarch sewing cabinet. Available in Two colours. The Monarch is our most popular cabinet. Save $190 off RRP. Ring us on 1300137041 to secure it.

AU$949.00 AU$759.00

Janome CM7 sewing table

Order now. stocks are very limited. The new sewing Table for the Janome CM7 quilting machine is available now, Pay only $1199. insert is optional extra. ring 1300137041 to order one


Janome 2000 Air Tronic 4 thread overlocker

The Janome 2000d air thread overlocker. Save $304 off RRP. Huge special offer pay only $1399 and receive a Bonus valued at $165 during Autumn Clearance 2021 sale. .

AU$1699.00 AU$1395.00

Janome Skyline S3 computerised sewing machine

With bonus valued at $165. Pay only $1399 Save $300 off RRP. The Janome Skyline S3 sewing machine. Janomes number one Skyline machine.

AU$1699.00 AU$1399.00

Janome Skyline s7 quilting machine

Pay only $2199 and receive a Bonus valued at $354 for a short time. Yes it has the Pivoting function For The Janome Skyline s7 sewing machine. Save $800. off RRP

AU$2999.00 AU$2199.00

Janome Skyline S9 sewing machine

Super 2021 special offer. The Janome Skyline S9 sewing and embroidery machine. Pay only $3999 . Comes with special bonus valued at $564. . Save $1005 off RRP.

AU$4999.00 AU$3994.00

Thank you for your support during these trying times

Thank you for supporting us during this troubling times. we appreciate it.