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The Janome 2000d Air Thread Professional   four thread overlocker

Now available from The Sewing machine Company. ring us on 1300137041 to save more


Offer extended to 28 February 2022 or till we meet our quota

Janome have Just  released the New Janome 2000d Air Tronic Professional overlocker 

A Janome first! With a built-in needle  threader, manually threading  your serger needles is a thing of the past. One unit provides easy  threading of both the right and left position needles.

The Janome 2000D now light years ahead of any other overlocker

. The 2000D is a 2 needle, 2/3/4 thread convertible Overlocker  with Janome Air Threading. Just one push of a button a blast of air  threads your new fantastic janome overlocker. No more tedious threading your bottom loopers.

. The 2000D is equipped with extra large air thread loopers, an ultra easy rolled hem, Large  tension disks, advanced differential feed, adjustable cutting width. The largest high travel Janome cutting blades, and solid cast aluminum  metal frame.

 The Janome 2000d  has the extra  large 8 feed dog feeding system capable of feeding every fabric with ease. 

The extra powerful Motor on the Janome 2000d  air serger is specially designed  to give maximum piercing power and control over difficult fabrics, and  at the same time the Janome  2000D is the most energy efficient of any overlocker that Janome have ever produced. 

This Air threader is equipped with a full spectrum LED  light allowing you to see thread colours in the same way as out door  lighting. 

The easy to understand Janome Instruction book is in English 

(dust cover included


Comes with 12 Month Fault warranty

Order it now at the special price of $1349. stock is limited. ring us on 1300137041 for a better offer. Ends soon..

Stock is limited so order now. first in gets it. 

just a push of a lever and wallor your overlocker loopers are threaded.

Our promise is to be $500 cheaper than any other brands of Air pressure Overlockers


One-Push Air Threading System

Tedious threading of upper and lower loopers are a thing of the past. Simply insert thread into the specially designed ports and your  thread is transported to where it needs to be with an easy push of a  lever.



8-Piece Feed Dog System

With strategically placed feed dogs in eight locations, the AT2000D  will easily grab and feed your fabric. From slinky knits to denim, the  AT2000D will meet the challenges of your sewing projects.


Built-in One-step Converter

Changing from a 3-thread to a 2-thread application has never been  easier! Simply place your finger under the converter and flip it into  position. Now, you’re ready to sew delicate rolled hems or reduce the  bulk in your overlock edge.


Built-in Needle Threader

A Janome first! With a built-in needle  threader, manually threading  your serger needles is a thing of the past. One unit provides easy  threading of both the right and left position needles.


Safety First

 There are three micro-switches for added safety to the sewist. The  AirThread 2000D will only be able to serge if all three switches  (located in the side cover, looper cover and the Presser foot bar) are  engaged.    

Integrated Adjustable Dials

The Stitch Length Adjustment and Differential Feed Adjustment have  been integrated into 1 dual function dial. Easily grip the textured  dials to change your stitch length any time (even while sewing) to get  stitches between 1.0-5.0mm. The unique differential feed device prevents fabrics from puckering, lets you adjust the stretchiness of our  stitching as you sew, and enables you add ready-to-wear effects to your  sewing. Adjustable from 0.5-2.0mm.


Fine Adjustments

Easily make adjustments to cutting width, access the upper knife  release knob and switch to rolled hemming in one easy slide of the  stitch finger lever. All of these adjustments are now located on the  right side of the sewing bed for ease of operation. 

Speed, Strength, Stability

The main shaft is newly redesign in the AirThread 2000D. Two ball  bearings provide low torque, giving you greater stability at higher  serging speeds and the benefit of added durability.


Bed Size

Serge through bigger projects with the wide flat work space. The  AirThread 2000D offers ample sewing area with a sewing bed of 4.65” wide in front of the serging needle and 5.59” wide behind the needle. The  bed is 9.67” deep as well. 


Easy Lay-in Threading 

With improved slide-and-go thread guides, quickly and easily lay the  thread in place. The slide-and-go thread guides take the guess work out  of threading the upper tension discs – preventing errors in threading  the machine correctly.


Foot Pressure

Easily adjust the foot pressure to accommodate sewing on a variety of fabrics, or to accommodate optional accessory feet. 


These accessories come with the new Janome 2000d overlocker


  • Spare Upper Blade
  • Accessory Box
  • Dust Cover
  • Wire Looper Threader 
  • 4 x Thread Netting
  • 4 x Large Spool Holders
  • Screwdrivers, large and small
  • Handheld needle Threader
  • Needles
  • Machine Oil
  • Lint Brush
  • Easy grip Tweezers
  • Nut Adjustment Tool 

12 Months warranty


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