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11     Professional • Optional AccessoriesProfessional • Optional Accessories     12TOPSTITCH FOOT (N) AND TOPSTITCH GUIDE (N-1)The  reinforced  seam  is  an  evenly  topstitched  seam that  is  much  stronger  than  a  simple  overlock  seam. It  is  recommended  for  activewear,  pants,  shirts  and blouses. Also perfect for transparent fabrics, organdy and  sheer  crepe.  This  technique  is  ideal  for  secur-ing  easily  frayed  fabrics  and  tidying  hems  away.  Use different colored threads for decorative effect.REINFORCING SEAMS WITH THE COVER HEM1.   The seam is sewn first (right sides together) with  a 3-Thread Stitch Wide, Overlock 3 or Chain stitch. Press seam to the right. See Figure 24.2.  Select sewing program:(10) Cover Hem Wide 3.  Thread and set up machine as indicated on the  machine or in your instruction manual. 4.  Attach topstitch foot.5.   Open left side cover. Insert peg on N-1 guide into  needle plate hole; close left side cover.  See Figure 25.6.   Place fabric right side up under presser foot with  seam bulk in guide groove. Lower needles into  overlock seam. Lower the presser foot.  See Figure 26.7.  Sew first two stitches by hand turning the hand- wheel. Sew slowly and accurately in order to keep  the seam in the groove. See Figure 27.Topstitch Foot (N):  200-804-101Topstitch Guide (N-1):  200-804-00824252627

11     Professional • Optional AccessoriesProfessional • Optional Accessories     12BLIND STITCH FOOT (D)The  adjustable  guide  on  the  blind  stitch  foot  ensures that any weight of fabric is trimmed, overlocked and invisibly hemmed in one quick step. Change the stitch and it becomes a wonderful guide for decorative pin-tucks, lacy fagoting or flatlocking as seen in ready to wear.INVISIBLE HEMMINGWhat  a  great  way  to  professionally  hem  a  garment! The fabric edge is trimmed, overlocked and invisibly hemmed into place in one easy step.1.   Select sewing program:(2) Overlock 32.   Thread and set up machine as indicated on the  machine or in your instruction manual. Set SL between 4 – 5.3.   Attach blind stitch foot.4.   Fold and press hem under desired amount. Fold it  again back toward right side. Leave a 7 mm (1/4”) to 1 cm (3/8”) extension of hem  allowance to the right. Place hem under presser  foot with folded edge against guide “A”. See Figure 28.5.  Lower presser foot. Slowly lower needle into  folded edge. Adjust guide “A” by turning screw  “B” so the needle just catches one or two fibers of  the fold. See Figures 28 and 29.6.   Once the guide is adjusted correctly, continue  sewing keeping folded edge against white plastic guide “A”.See Figure 30.NOTE:Loosen needle thread tension one number for bulky or crisp fabrics.Blind Stitch Foot (D):  200-806-000282930AB