Buy the beading foot for the Janome 1200d, also suits the Elna 845 overlocker and hemming machine

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BEADING FOOT (P)Beaded  trims  add  that  special  touch  to  any  project from  evening  to  casual  wear.  A  deep  groove  on  the underside of the beading foot guides strands of beads/pearls  perfectly  into  place  as  they  are  secured  with  a flatlock stitch.FLATLOCK BEADS/PEARLS ONTO FABRIC1.  Select sewing program:(5) Flatlock 22.  Thread and set up machine as indicated on the  machine or in your instruction manual. Set SL between 2.5 – 4 (should be same as      diameter of beads/pearls).3.   Attach beading foot.4.   Draw a line with washable fabric marker for   beads/pearls application. Fold fabric with wrong  sides together on line. Place fold under presser  foot about 3 mm (1/8”) from needle plate edge.  Lower needle into fabric. See Figure 41.5.  Place beads under foot groove and lower presser  foot. See Figure 42.6.   Sew first two stitches by hand turning handwheel.  Continue sewing; avoid puckering by holding  beads behind foot. Remember, the needle should  catch only 3 mm (1/8”) of the fold so fabric will  lay flat. See figure 43.7.   Pull fabric flat.VARIATION: Add beads to a hemline: Use a Narrow Hem 3 to finish edge before attaching beads. Proceed in same method as above, eliminating drawing line for placement.Beading Foot (P):  200-809-00341 


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