The Janome Belt Loop foot fits the Janome 1200d overlocker and cover hemming machine. Also fits the Elna 845 overlocker

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               Belt Loop Foot fits the Janome 1200d

 and the Elna 845 overlocker and cover hem machine.


                                        Belt Loop Foot    Part number 200 808 002     1200d_accessories_final.pdf  

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BELT LOOP FOOT (L)Easily  duplicate  the  belt  loops  found  in  the  garment industry  using  a  Wide  or  Triple  Cover  Hem.  This foot  automatically  folds  under  bias  strip  edges  for belt  loops,  decorative  accents,  button  loops,  narrow straps,  etc.  The  possibilities  are  limited  only  by  your imagination.CREATING BELT LOOP DECORATIVE ACCENTS1.   Select sewing program:(10) Triple Cover Hem or Cover Hem Wide 2.  Thread and set up machine as indicated on the  machine or in your instruction manual. 3.   Cut a strip of bias tape 2.7 cm (1 1/8”) wide. Cut  one end at a 45° angle. Insert cut angle (fabric  right side facing up) into belt loop foot.  See Figure 37. 4.   Pull bias tape under foot and extend it behind  foot. See Figure 38.5.   Attach belt loop foot.6.   Lower needles into bias tape. Lower presser foot.  Be sure both edges of bias are turned under before stitching. Sew first two stitches by hand turning  the handwheel. Sew belt loop strip at a medium  speed. See Figure 39.*VARIATION 1: Sew belt loops directly onto fabric for a decora-tive effect. Place a medium to heavy weight fabric underneath foot. Use a stabilizer on fabric to prevent puckering. See Figure 40.VARIATION 2: Sew belt loop strip. Use a sewing machine with clear monofilament needle thread to attach belt loop strip to fabric surface for decorative effect.Belt Loop Foot (L):  200-808-00237383940*NOTE: For best results, pull fabric slightly to the left while sewing.





                   Easily duplicate the belt loops found in the garment industry using a Wide or Triple Cover Hem. This foot automatically folds under bias strip edges for belt loops, decorative accents, button loops, narrow straps, etc.