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Bias Binder Presser Foot Attaching Binding Snap-on For Sewing Machine Tool USA


Material: plastic, metal Adjustable to fit bias tapes in different widths, from 5mm (1.97") to 20 mm (7.87").Easy to use. Durable in use. Fits for Brother, Babylock, Janome, Kenmore, Singer and many more sewing machines that use a snap on foot. How to Fix The Tape-stitching Presser Foot:1. Fit the presser bar into the slit and firmly tighten the presser foot screw.2. Turn the guide adjustment screw away from the user in a direction to increase the guide width.3. Insert the tape from the corner and turn it in a direction to place it in position.4. Turn the guide adjustment screw toward the user in a direction to narrow the tape.5. Loosen the stitch position adjustment screw and adjust the position of the tape guide to place the cloth in position for being stitched. After the tape guide is in position, tighten the stitch position adjustment screw.6. Hold the tape and the cloth by both hands, and start stitching slowly at the beginning. Package included:1 x Bias Binder Foot.

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