Low shank free motion convertible set. Fits all low shank Janome sewing machines

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Janome Convertible Free Motion quilting foot set for Low shank machines

 Convertible Free Motion Quilting Foot Set - Low Shank models

 The Free Motion Quilting Foot has been enhanced & will be available in both low shank & high shank versions…


 Choose a foot to match your free motion quilting style: Set includes  three different feet (Closed-toe foot, Open-toe foot & Clear view  foot) that attach to the holder with a screw for maximum sturdiness  & safety. This is an important tool for bringing your projects to a  higher level of perfection.


 Utilitarian structural design: This is where the Janome engineers have  made this a great foot. Notice that the clearance has been added to the  back of the foot. This important detail gives you better visibility  & means that nothing gets in your way for the smoothest free-motion  possible. Of course, you can adjust the foot height for perfect skimming of the fabric surface.


 Clear View Foot: This clear view foot includes 1/8" marks for even  spacing when echo quilting without having to mark your fabric  beforehand. This foot also has a convenient slot opening for quilting  thick fabrics, & even allows zigzag stitching for free-motion  appliquéing.


 Fits Machines:

 2160DC, 3160QDC, 4120QDC, 6260QC, CS995, DC2050, DC3018, DC3050,  DC4030, DC6030, DC7060, DC7100, JemP760, MC3500, MC4900QC, MC5200,  MC6500P, MS5027LE, MW3018LE, S3, Sew525S, Sew625E


 Item code: 202-002-004