Elna eXpressive 830 embroidery sewing machine


Sold out. replaced by Janome 500e. The Elna eXpressive 830 embroidery sewing machine. this machine has 160 inbuilt designs, a USB port and three large hoops. save $660 off RRP

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The Elna expressive 830 embroidery sewing machine          

This item is excellently priced for our stocktake clearance  2020 sale

This machine is exactly the same machine as the Janome 500e

Click here to see the Janome 500e embroidery machine

Elna eXpressive 830 Embroidery Machine

 Complement your dressmaking skills with fabulous embroidery using the  Elna Expressive 830. This impressive embroidery machine features a  wonderful selection of patterns together with the advanced functionality  and editing facilities that you need to create an infinite number of  outstanding designs.

 The Elna eXpressive 830 offers 160 built-in designs and an alphabet for

 monogramming. Designs can be rotated, re-sized, mirrored and combined to  deliver amazing embellishments. You can monogram in two or three  letters and choose between 6 monogramming fonts. Search online for new  designs and then import them to your machine via the USB port or  directly from your PC. Pattern selection and editing is simple via the  LCD touchscreen and your work is illuminated by 5 LED lights. You have a  large area to work in and can embroider at up to 860 stitches per  minute.

 The automatic needle threader and speedy bobbin winding mean that you  are ready to start work in double quick time. You will benefit from  automatic thread trimming between jumps in embroidery and automatic  return after a thread break.

 The Elna eXpressive 830 Embroidery machine takes your creativity to the  next level. You can produce fabulous embellishments for clothing, home  accessories and sporting accessories that boast a stylish and  professional look.


Embroidery hoops



    Three embroidery hoops of different sizes are included with the  eXpressive 830 to meet all types of needs. They have a new system of  mounting to the embroidery unit that will help you to place them with a  simple gesture!

 Embroidery machine

  • Wide working space of 303.5 mm x 120 mm Features
  • Embroidery machine 
  • Wide working space of 303.5 mm x 120 mm 
  • LCD touch screen high-definition 62.8 mm x 110.9 mm 
  • Rotary horizontal hook with transparent bobbin cover 
  • Pin main horizontal spool 
  • System threading the bobbin guided and facilitated with built-in cutter 
  • Automatic disengagement at winder with integrated thread-cutter base 
  • Speed automatic winder: 1,600 rpm 
  • Automatic needle threader 
  • Automatic Voltage 
  • Automatic Thread Cutter 
  • Detector for bobbin and needle thread 
  • Automatic control of the presser foot with security and automatic detection system 
  • Start / Stop 
  • Illumination sewing space with 5 white LED lights arranged in 3 locations 
  • USB stick connector 
  • 3MB of memory capacity 
  • Direct link to the PC possible 
  • 160 embroidery designs built with 1 alphabet 
  • Monograms 2 or 3 letters 
  • Adjustable embroidery speed up to 860 ppm 
  • Maximum number of points per unit: 200,000 dots 
  • Tracing marks around the pattern 
  • Automatic thread trimming between jumps in embroidery 
  • Automatic return after thread break 
  • Resize, rotate, move, change of direction 
  • Zoom, copy and paste 
  • Combine patterns and alphabets 
  • Size: L 566 x H 335 x D 462 mm 
  • Weight: 11 kg 
  • Workspace: The 303.5 x H 120 mm 
  • Maximum embroidery area: 200 mm L x 280 mm H Accessories Included
  • Embroidery foot P 
  • Special capsule for embroidery 
  • Cans (x5) 
  • 2 screwdriver (large and small) 
  • Cleaning brush 
  • Scissors 
  • Assortment of needles 
  • 6 coil fixed disks (small, large and special) 
  • Additional horizontal spindle coil 
  • Touch screen stylus 
  • Capsule for cleaning liquid 
  • 8 magnetic clips for embroidery hoops 
  • Wide table extension 
  • Embroidery editing software "Embroidery Editor" 
  • USB cable 
  • Instructional DVD 
  • Dust cover