Darning foot. Suits most Low Shank Janome sewing machines

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part number 200 349 000

Suits most low shank Janome sewing machines

 Free Motion Darning Foot Sometimes referred to as the embroidery foot, the darning foot is used for 'free hand' embroidery and darning to ensure proper stitch formation, minimize skipped stitches and puckering and also protects your fingers while you move the fabric freely under the needle. Especially beneficial to those just learning how to do free hand embroidery. Convenient for lace and other fabrics that catch on an open toe, this general use foot is also good for holding the fabric in front of the needle. This Accessory of the Month does have a bonus project for you to make using the Free Motion Quilting Foot. Press the link to download the project. FREE MOTION FLOWER PILLOW Part Number Compatible Machines 859839002 9mm High Shank Top Loading 200325000 7mm High Shank Top Loading 200349000 7mm Low Shank Top Loading 200127000 5mm Low Shank Front Loading