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White overlocking thread -2000- metres

White overlocking thread in 2000 metre cops. pay only $4 plus $9.95 delivery


Sewing machines

Huge Mark down sale on now. Prices tumble only for a limited time


Unbranded JR1012 sewing machine from Janome

Pay only $159. Huge discount for the Unbranded jr1012. It IS MADE BY JANOME. It has 12 stitches plus a four step buttonhole.

AU$299.00 AU$159.00

The Artistic dress making dummy . Size medium (39 inch to 47 inch bust)

Just arrived. . Pay only $169 for the Medium sized Artistic dress making dummy comes in bust size 39 inches to 47 inches

AU$199.00 AU$169.00

Elna 2000 sewing machine

Pay only $179 for the Elna 2000 sewing machine. . Limited stocks. Save $220 off RRP

AU$399.00 AU$179.00
Out of stock

Janome RE1706 sewing machine

Sold out. replaced by the Janome re1306. Mark Down sale starts now. The Janome RE1706 sewing machine. is $199 save $100 off RRP

AU$299.00 AU$199.00

Elna 1000 sewing machine

The Elna 1000 sewing machine pay only $199 . Save $200 off RRP. . It is an Ideal beginners sewing machine. 5 star rating.

AU$399.00 AU$199.00

Four thread differential feed overlocker. unbranded but made by Janome

Pay only $249 Buy this unbranded Janome 8002d overlocker for a fraction of the price of the branded one. there is absolutley no difference.


Janome DC1030 computerised sewing machine

For a very short time. Pay only $299 and be ahead of the curve for The new Janome DC 1030 electronic sewing machine. Save $100 off RRP

AU$399.00 AU$299.00

The Janome 8004d overlocker

Pay only $299 Lockdown sale.. for the Janome 8004d Overlocker, save $300 off RRP

AU$599.00 AU$299.00
Out of stock

Janome 8002dx differential feed overlocker best value

5 Units left at $389. The Janome 8002dx overlocker. Plus bonus valued at $149. save $210 off RRP

AU$599.00 AU$389.00

Elna experience 450 sewing machine

Limited stocks Pay only $399 for the new Elna Experience 450 sewing machine. save $200 off RRP. has bonus walking foot and 1/4" foot

AU$599.00 AU$399.00

The unbranded 8002 overlocker and the unbranded 311 sewing machine by Janome

Lowest price ever. The unbranded 8002 overlocker and the unbranded 311 sewing machine by Janome. Save $150 off RRP

AU$549.00 AU$399.00

The Janome 544d differential feed overlocker

Lay in tensions. pay only $499 for the Janome 544d overlocker . save $200 off RRP

AU$699.00 AU$499.00

Janome DC2150 sewing machine

In stock. Pay only $495 Lockdown sale for the Janome DC2150 sewing machine. Save $204 off RRP

AU$699.00 AU$495.00

Janome DC1000 sewing machine has less features than the Janome DC1030

Pay $499 for Janome DC1000, Mind you the Janome DC1030 has more features than the Janome DC1000 sewing machine. The DC1030 is only $299 at the moment


Janome 644d overlocker

Janome's number one overlocker is on super Special offer at $584. The Janome 644d overlocker . Save $215 off RRP.

AU$799.00 AU$584.00

Janome DC6050 sewing machine

Pay only $749 . Our most popular seller for The Janome DC6050 sewing machine .save $150 off RRP. plus free delivery

AU$899.00 AU$749.00


Pay only $749 , Rated 5 stars. Plus bonus valued at $188 . The Janome DC6050 sewing machine . Save $150 off RRP.

AU$899.00 AU$749.00

Janome Sewist 780DC computerised sewing machine

When you pay only $729 plus a Bonus pin cushion. For the Janome 780dc sewist sewing machine. Save $570 off RRP

AU$1299.00 AU$729.00
Out of stock

Elna Easy cover hemming machine

The Elna Easy cover hem machine. It is on special offer. Rated 5 out of 5. Save $100 off RRP

AU$999.00 AU$899.00

Horn Monarch sewing cabinet

10% discount for a short time. The Horn Monarch sewing cabinet in three colours. The Monarch is out most popular cabinet


Cutting table by Taylor made in teak and white

Latest Cutting Table. The new cutting table is now available in teak and white. pay $999 unassembled or $1099 assembled


Janome Skyline S3 computerised sewing machine . Now with bonus model.

Pay only $1299. Bonus quilting kit now thrown in. . Huge savings. For the Janome Skyline S3 sewing machine. save $400 off RRP.

AU$1699.00 AU$1299.00
Out of stock

Janome Skyline S3 computerised sewing machine

Pay only $1299 plus receive a Bonus quilting kit. valued at $225. The Janome Skyline S3 sewing machine. save $400 off RRP.. Back orders accepted.

AU$1699.00 AU$1299.00

Janome 2000 Air Tronic 4 thread overlocker

For a limited time Pay $1299 for the Janome 2000d air thread overlocker. Save $400 off RRP. with bonus carry bag .

AU$1699.00 AU$1299.00
Out of stock

Janome Memorycraft 6600p quilting sewing machine

Sold Out. .The Janome Memorycraft 6600p quilters sewing machine has been replaced by the Janome Memorycraft 6650..

AU$2999.00 AU$1599.00
Out of stock

Janome Skyline s7 quilting machine

Yes it has the Pivoting function.. Pay only $2099 for The Janome Skyline s7 sewing machine. Save $900. off RRP

AU$2999.00 AU$2099.00

Janome Skyline S9 sewing machine

Lockdown Sale. Pay only $3699 at our Huge sale . For the Janome Skyline S9 embroidery and sewing machine . Save $1300 off RRP

AU$4999.00 AU$3699.00

Janome 8200 quilters sewing machine

PAY ONLY $2199 FOR The Janome Horizon memorycraft 8200qcp special edition quilters sewing machine Save $800 Ideal quilters machine

AU$2999.00 AU$2199.00
Out of stock

Janome 9400qcp quilting machine

Sold out. . PAY ONLY $3999. floor model. The Janome 9400qcp quilters sewing machine.. save $1000 off RRP

AU$4999.00 AU$3999.00

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