Janome Artistic junior digitizer

The new Artistic Junior digitiser is here at the Sewing machine company. Pay only $499. yuou now have thee ability to make designs bigger. ring us on 1300137041 to secure one.

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Artistic Digitizer Jr. for Mac or Windows

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 The Jr. version of Artistic Digitizer is coming soon! Artistic Digitizer Jr. is perfect for
 those new to digitizing or those who do not require the extensive range of functions
 and techniques available in the full version of the software.

 Please view the comparison chart through the link below for more details on the functions offered.

                              Click here for an Artistic Digitizer comparison chart (Full/Jr. versions)
        Click here for installation details 
        Click here to watch training videos for Artistic Digitizer Jr. (Jump to YouTube page) 
        *Please note, these videos describe functions/features available in Artistic Digitizer Jr. but some icons displayed in the videos may  not appear in the Jr. version.




January 2018


Artistic Digitizer Full for Mac or Windows

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 The all new Artistic Digitizer software unites numerous applications in one
 powerful solution, giving embroidery and crafting enthusiasts every tool they
 need to successfully achieve their creative goals.

 The simple but intelligent interface has been designed for use on a range of
 devices such as desktop computers, notebooks or tablets, with commonality
 between Windows and Mac operating systems.

 Artistic Digitizer software is not only embroidery software; it includes the following
 5 techniques: