Janome DC1000 sewing machine has less features than the Janome DC1030

Pay $499 for Janome DC1000, Mind you the Janome DC1030 has more features than the Janome DC1000 sewing machine. The DC1030 is only $299 at the moment

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Janome DC1030 is Janomes latest computerised machine. 

Many people are asking what the difference between the Janome DC1000 and the Janome DC1030 dealers model.

The Answer is that the dealers model has speed controller built in.  plus a metal bobbin winder rather than the plastic pin the DC1000 has got.

Click here to see the major differences between the Janome DC1000 and the DC1030

This means for intricate sewing the dc1000 can only be slowed down manually whereas the dealers model (dc1030) has the speed controller built in.

For the same money the Janome dc1030 is  superior in it's sewing features. Not to mention the metal foot holder.

So why buy the Dealers model. Firstly it has more plus features. The DC1030 is only available from Janome outlets.

Dealers give lessons and back up service. Sure beats buying a box and hoping it works for you (without a lesson)

Mind you both come with the  reliable Janome 12 months Fault Warranty. (dealers provide in store back up)

Note: The Janome DC1000 is sold at selected Department stores. whereas the Janome DC1030 is only available from Janome Dealers.

Yes Janome dealers do give free lessons on this machine.

we will give lessons on the Janome DC1000 (bought elsewhere). cost $60 per half hour.

Ring us on 1300137041 if you need our help.

. Featuring 30 built-in stitches with memory buttonhole. 

The LCD Display shows the number of the selected stitch, plus you can adjust the stitch width and length overriding the default stitch settings. A built-in needle threader makes threading a breeze. The Janome DC1030  machine is great if you have limited sewing space, on the DC1030 you can sew without the foot control, by using the Start/Stop button and the Speed Control Slide to control the sewing speed. Makes a great machine to take for classes or for a beginner sewist. weighs only 5 KGS. 

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