JUanome Accufeed Quilting kit has Various feet for the New Janome Horizon Quilt maker 15000. plus fits the MC12000, mc15000 and Elna 930

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 MC15000 Quilt maker upgrade kit V3.00-86241407

This Accufeed quilting  AcuFil™ Kit Helps you to perfectly stipple your quilts or quilting projects. You will have a professional finish  .This kit will enable even the least experience quilter do excellent free motion work.   Basically the machine will perform even the hardest free motion work 

It Includes-

  1. Ruler Work Foot (QR)

  2. Variable zig-zag Open-toe foot (QZ)

  3. 1/4" Seam foot without guide (o)

  4. Darning foot Open-toe (PD-H)

  5. Professional Grade foot (HP)

  6. Profession grade needle plate(HP)

  7. Hook Cover For HP Needle Plate

  8. New Embroidery foot P

  9. New Presser Foot Holder

  10. USB with software Update for MC15000 V2.1 to upgrade to MC15000 V3.00