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Save $1500 off the price of the janome MC8900qcp quilters sewing machine

Creativity is about unlocking possibility, giving you features to expand your options, and making those features easy-to-use right out of the box.


MC8900 QCP Feature Map


MC8200 QC Feature Map


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Standard Feet Chart



You Get The Tools To Make That Great Big Quilt


You get 11”+ of room to the right of the needle, enough to  fit a large quilt while you do free motion stitching. And if you want to go really big, the MC8900 QCP is designed to work on a quilt frame. It  even has an optional remote thread cutter.

AcuFeed Flex™

AcuFeed Flex™ Fabric Feeding System: Go As Thick As You Want


The quiet power of this machine really shows itself when it  comes time to sew multiple layers. Engage the exclusive AcuFeed Flex™  fabric feeding system and feel your project moving together under the  needle with perfect precision.

1000s Stitches Per Minute

Cruise Through Those Long Seams On The 8900 QCP At A Thousand Stitches Per Minute


You won’t always want to sew that fast. But when you’re doing a long straight stitch, it’s nice to be able to finish it quickly—and  know every stitch will be beautiful.

91 Needle Positions      

Super Fine Needle Position Adjustment: 91 Needle Positions!


You can move the needle to 91 unique positions in order to get  pinpoint accuracy for decorative stitching, appliqué or fine quilt  finishing. There is also a One-Touch quarter inch stitch setting that  will make piecing faster and easier than ever.

100s of 9 mm Stitches      

Do Bigger And Bolder Embellishment With Hundreds Of 9 mm Stitches


The MC8900 QCP comes with 270 stitches, the MC8200 QC with 120. Choose from Utility, Appliqué, Heirloom, Quilting, Pictograph and more; the majority are 9 mm wide. Variety and gorgeous stitch quality every  time!

One-Step Needle Plate Conversion      

One-Step Needle Plate Conversion


You don’t need a screwdriver to change the needle plate from  Standard to Straight Stitch. Now the plate just pops out with the push  of a lever for a quick switch.


New Features and Upgrades 



New Stitches

Direct pattern selection keys      

The brand new stitch from MC8900 QCP and MC8200 QC is a  Serpentine stitch as shown to the right (#99 in MC8900 QCP and Mode 3 -  #30 in MC8200 QC).

  • The default setting for this stitch is width: 5.0 and length: 2.0, but it can be customized up to width: 9.0 and length: 5.0.
  • The stitch will be seen on many quilt samples, home dec projects, and garments for years to come.
Direct pattern selection keys      
Quilt Piecing

Useful quilt piecing stitches are now included in MC8900 QCP  and MC8200 QC. These stitches are used with the quilt piecing foot and  automatically change the needle position to set and keep a perfect  piecing seam allowance.

  • Note: the 7 mm seam allowance (instead of 1/4”) is commonly used in Asian markets.




Size has been adjusted for a more realistic appearance and better balance.
      Letter Size    

Characters are now positioned within a 9 mm space, so that they  look more natural, especially when combining capital letters, small  letters and even European alphabets with accents.

9 mm Block alphabet is included in the built-in stitches.
Letter Size
Programming a word is easier than with MC7700 QCP.

It is no longer necessary to press a confirm button or Memory  key after each letter. Simply select the first letter and press the  Memory key to enter programming mode, then just keep selecting letters  to form your words and/or sentences.



Free motion quilting in left needle position

The left needle position has been used in JANOME embroidery machines for years.

Embroidery and FMQ are similar in that the fabric moves freely  without foot pressure in both situations. Although FMQ using the center  needle position is possible and can create beautiful results, a left  needle position allows more trouble-free FMQ and produces similar lovely stitching.

Stitch D4S/4S has been updated and enhanced in the MC8900 QCP and MC8200 QC.

This is a simple straight stitch, but with a left needle position.  When the D4/D4S stitch is selected and the needle plate is changed from  zigzag to straight stitch, the needle position automatically changes to  match the left hole of the straight stitch needle plate. This makes it  possible to FMQ in the left needle position with the straight stitch  needle plate (as described above).

FMQ Left Needle Position


Set menu


The “Start-up speed setting” and “Needle stop position setting” have been added to the Set menu in MC8900 QCP and MC8200 QC. 

Set Menu for the MC8900 QCP      Set Menu for the 8200 QC



Direct pattern selection keys


Direct pattern selection keys are a very convenient feature. At any time, you can go back to your most used stitches with just the  touch of a button.

      Direct pattern selection keys
New Thumb Screw for the Foot Holder      

Foot Holder


The thumb screw for the foot holder has been changed to one  with a smaller diameter and longer length to make it easier to grasp and hold.