The Janome Quilting kit is made especially for the Janome Skyline S3 sewing machine

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Janome Skyline Quilting Kit

for 7mm Skyline Models

Part Number: 863 407 000

Everything you need to get the most potential out of your Janome  Skyline S3

Includes a  Jump Start Project.

The Janome 7mm Skyline Accessory Kit Contains:

1. Extra Wide Table 

2. Open Toe Satin Stitch Foot (F2) 

3. Clear View Quilting Foot and Guide Set 

4. Appliqué Foot (AP) Part Number 202 086 002

5. Even Feed Foot and Quilt Bar 

6. Darning Foot (Open Toe) 

Total RRP value  $456, a huge saving if purchased individually.

This Janome Skyline Quilting Kit is ideal for the Skyline S3.

Other models need there own different kits as some of these accessories dont fit even though they look the same.

Janome:  Skyline S3