The Janome Tape binding foot fits all Janome cover pro mCHINES

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           The Tape Binder FOR  The Janome CoverPro   COVER STITCH MACHINE 


182-using-tape-binder-on-coverpro-tipThe Tape Binder is designed to finish the raw edge of stretch fabrics.

The CoverPro 2000CP is the perfect marriage of an industrial-style cover hem machine and a convenient home machine. The resulting union has produced a high-speed, long arm, heavy-duty cover hem machine that looks and operates like a sewing machine.

One of the most popular attachments for the 1000CP is the Tape Binder. In one step it folds and stitches the fabric you wish to use as tape around the raw edge. This allows you to easily make beautifully finished necks and arm holes, or just quickly bind any raw edge.

You can also use this foot to cover fabric on piping. Makes finished binding of 8mm (1/4") using a 32mm piece of bias binding tape.

Learn how to use the CoverPro Tape Binder by following our easy Technique: Loading Bias Tape on the Tape Binder.

The Technique shows the Tape Binder for the 1000CP. You can also get Tape Binder (1200D), Tape Binder (900CP), Tape Binder 5/16, Tape Binder, 15mm-50mm (2000CP & 900CP), and Tape Binder, 7/16.

See The Tape Binder Technique