Universal 15 X 1 size 12 needles are here

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Janome UniversaL NEEDLES 15 X 1 SIZE 12

Part number 990 112 000

Needle types come in an assortment of size, 

choose the needle size for the weight of fabric and weight of thread. 

. Needle Sizes: *Keep an assortment of needles on hand to make it easy to choose the appropriate needle for each project.

 Troubleshooting: • If the thread is breaking or shredding, go up one needle size or try a Top Stitch needle. • 

If the stitches are skipping, change the type of needle point, i.e. Ball Point or Sharp. •

 If the thread is bouncing, go down one size. •

 Check the needle plate, bobbin case and hook often.

 Any small imperfections may snag the thread as it passes and cause breakage.

• Clean the machine often.