Janome 1600p walking foot. Fits only Janome 1600P. ring 1300137041 to enquire further

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Janome Even Feed foot (Walking foot)

Fits only Janome 1600p (High Speed quilters sewing machine

Part Number 767-403-016

Product Description


The even  feed foot walks over fabric to assist with smooth feeding. Fabric can be sewn without puckering as the fabric is gripped and fed by both the  upper and lower feed dogs. This foot has been specially designed for  durability and to work at the high speeds of the 1600 series.

 Even Feed Foot)

 1600p fitting 

 The even feed foot, sometimes referred to as the walking foot, is  designed with a set of feed dogs (teeth) which allow the fabric to feed  without shifting and eliminates the problem of the under layer of fabric coming up short. The even feed foot is also great for topstitching  which can be spoilt due to irregularity of stitching. This is often  caused by the bulk created with the seam allowance especially around  collars and reveres. Using the walking foot for topstitching will  eliminate this problem and give perfect stitching every time. Also  includes quilting guide.