Huge clearance sale. Pay only $399 for the Janome Artistic 12" scrap booking machine. Save Save $600 off RRP Also sold as the Elna 12'" artistic scrapbooker. the Artistic 12 inch scrapebook cutter is ideal for cutting out shapes.

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 The Edge Cutter can take your quilt
      to the next level! 


 With the Artistic Edge, you have the ability to create appliqué designs with tiny details that you never  would have been able to achieve with a rotary cutter alone. The Edge can precisely cut out these objects on various media forms, giving you a  unique touch to your designs 

The All New Artistic Edge Digital 12 Inch Cutter

The ultimate addition to a crafters workspace! The Edge Digital cutter opens  up a new world of customer cutwork designs for paper crafting, quilting, and  embellishing.

Artistic Edge Digital Cutter


What will you create?

The World of Crafting is Unlimited  so why let a  Digital Cutter limit you!

The Artistic Edge offers you an endless amount of options for every kind of  crafter! The included Artistic SimpleCut software can do much more than just  basic editing. Use one of 3,500 included designs, import artwork that you have  already made, or create your own! Scrapbookers will love the ability to create  custom shapes; quilters will love creating one-step appliqu and decorators will  love the projects that they can create for the home.

Features & Benefits
The Artistic SimpleCut software that comes with  your Edge cutter was designed from the Artistic Suite Embroidery and Cutwork  softare. With the Edge you are working with software that understands the  quilters need for different appliqu stitches (200 in total) and fabric styles.  The Artistic SimpleCut software was designed for people who sew.The best part is  that SimpleCut can export stitch files to work with any embroidery machine. Just  save the file to a USB or send the stitch files wirelessly with a Janome Memory  Craft 15000.

SimpleCut can auto trace designs, autoborder imported images, convert  existing embroidery designs to appliqu and create custom rhinestone fills for  your next crystal project.

Product Description 

The ultimate addition to a crafter's workspace!
The Edge digital Cutter  12 opens up a new world of custom
cutwork designs for paper crafting,
quilting and embellishing. Let LED lighting and a placement laser
make  every cut more precise than you could have imagined.
The Edge 12 comes with  adjustable blade holder, 3 cutting blades,
pen holder and pens, 12" x 12" low  tack cutting mat
(for thinner and more delicate materials like paper or fine  fabric)
12" x 12" high tack cutting mat
(for thicker materials like  template material or foam core),
and the Artistic SimpleCut software  containing 3,500 designs.

 Artistic SimpleCut Software 


  •  Includes 3,500 embroidery and appliqué designs.


  •  Create One-Step Appliqué 


  •  Includes all of the tools you need to design your own custom artwork. 


  •  Use the Print-and-Cut feature to cut out precise shapes from printed fabric and paper. 


 Heavy Duty Industrial Design 


  •  3 industrial strength cutting blades (Fabric, Paper, Template) 


  •  High Quality Aluminum body 


  •  Long lasting LED lights  


  •  Commercial grade steel components 


 Serious Power 


  • Maximum Cutting speed – 600 mm/sec 


  •  Maximum Cutting Pressure – 750g


  •  Laser alignment 


  •  Fine tuning blade holder for precise adjustments 
  •  Why Would a Quilter
           want a Digital Cutter? 

     Using a digital cutter can make your quilts come alive in ways you’ve only  hoped for, in a fraction of the time youwould have thought! Create  custom shapes, replicate fabric patterns in appliqué or simply cut full  sheets of fabric for tiny piecing without having to use a rotary cutter.  Less time cutting out fabric leaves you more time for quilting!                      



Packed With Every Tool You Need:
- Fine  Tuning Blade Holder that offers more precise adjustments
- Everything you  need to get started right in the box
- The Artistic Edge 12 comes with a  great package of standard accessories
including a low-tack cutting mat for  card stock and light fabrics,
high-tack cutting mat for thicker materials,
3 different cutting blades and a pen tool.

 What you get: 


  •  Artistic Edge Digital Cutter 
  • 12” x 12” Low Tack Cutting Mat (15" x 15" for the Edge15)  
  • 12” x 12” High Tack Cutting Mat (15" x 15" for the Edge15)  
  • Fine Tuning Blade Holder                         
  •     2 hexagon wrenches                          
  •     Aristic SimpleCut Software                          
  •     USB cord       
  •     Instruction Manual                        
  • One Standard Cutting Blade  
  • One Fabric Cutting Blade   
  • One Thick Material Cutting Blade   
  • One Pen Holder                          
  •     2 Pens (Black and Blue Ink)                


Applique Easier Intricate applique pieces  used to be a time consuming hassle  but not with the Artistic Edge!
In just  a few easy steps you can create a design with as many details
as you'd like  and let the Artistic Edge cut it out for you!
Then you can choose from over  350 built-in applique stitches that you can preview
on your computer and then  send to an embroidery machine
where it will be stitched down perfectly. 

Features and Benefits:   12" of cutting space

 Includes Artistic SimpleCut Software (with 3,500  built-in designs)

 Cuts a variety of materials from paper to vinyl to fabric  and more

 Print and Cut feature so you can cut exact shapes from a print  image

 Precision laser placement guide

 Smooth, quiet  operation

Artistic Edge 12