Walking foot that fits Fits most 5mm sewing machines

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Fits most sewing machines with low shank screw in fittings

Ideal for Janome JR1012, RE1306 and other 5MM models

Basically, the walking foot provides a gripping action from the top  of the fabric which coordinates with the grip of the feed dogs which are built into the bed of your sewing machine.As the bottom feed dogs  pull–or feed–the fabric under the needle so that even stitches are  created, the walking foot is gripping and pulling the fabric through  from the top.

So when is a walking foot “Optional”?

•  If you’re working with two layers of a fairly stable woven fabric, there is very little need for a walking foot. The pressure of your feed dogs against a standard foot provides all the friction necessary for  the fabric layers to move through smoothly.

The walking foot helps keep thick,
 slippery, or sticky fabric layers from
 shifting as you sew.