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Ourt of stock for 4 months. The factory is relocating. One of the most popular Ironing Press available is the Elna 120 ironing press. For a short time we are selling the Elna 120 ironing press for only $799.This elna press cuts your Ironing time in half. Elna 120 ironing press. comes with a two year warranty

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Out of stock


The Elna 120 Ironing Press. has been put on hold till the factory overseas relocates. we will let you know when they are available again.

Sorry for this inconvience but its out of our hands. A new better range of presses are coming. around june 2019.

Using the Elnapress 120, you can speed through your laundry while sitting  down with the press on any table, taking the back ache and fatigue out of  ironing.

You don't have to learn new tricks either: the Elnapress is easy to use and  the automatic pressure is fingertip light. Developed in Switzerland and  manufactured to the same exacting standards as the previous Elnapress Opal>

The Elnapress 120 comes complete with both an instructional DVD and  instruction book.
Trousers are very often sent to the dry cleaners because  they can be a chore to iron but thanks to approx. 45kg of automatic pressure, a  professional finish is available at home everyday and at a fraction of the  cost.
Ironing a shirt is made simple with the Elnapress. Collars, cuffs and  pockets are easy and completing a full shirt in a couple of minutes is very  achievable after just a little practice.

You get a fabulous finish and you say good-bye to those hours that you spent  slaving over an ironing board. Sheets, tablecloths and any large item can be  folded into the ample space at the back of the board, leisurely bring the items  forward and in no time you have made short work of all household linen.
The  Elna press really makes short work of heavy garments such as denims, etc. Both  sides of the garment are pressed in one go thanks to maximum power with minimum  effort.

Standard Accessories:

Spray bottle
Pressing pad
Instructional DVD
Main Features:

Overall dimensions: 65cm x 54.5cm x 21.5cm
Dimensions of the ironing  board: 62cm x 25cm
Weight: 10.5kg

12 kg in Box
Ironing pressure: 33.4g per square centimetre
Power: 1000  watts
Swiss design: Elnapress 120 is designed in Switzerland and benefits  from the experience of Elna, a brand leader in ironing technology for many  years.

The integrated Vapojet system is Optional with the SMD120 Applying transfers:  Because the Elnapress is so powerful, motifs and transfers are easily applied  and stay fast through wash after wash.
If you inadvertently leave the press  switched on and closed, after around 10 seconds a buzzer sounds and the power is  automatically switched off making the Elnapress safe.
If the press left  switched on and unused in its open position for more than 8 minutes, the power  is automatically switched off.
At Elna we have thought of  everything.
Careful design and manufacture means the Elnapress 120 uses very  little energy and the use of advanced non-heat radiating materials ensures the  user is kept cool during every ironing session.
It is quick to set up and  easy to carry around taking up very little storage space. In fact the Elnapress  120 is the modern answer to an old problem!

2 years Fault warranty

3 months for commercial use

ring us on 1300137041 for more advise 


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