Janome MBX version 4 digitizer program

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The  Janome Digitizer MBX version 4.0 is now available from sewingmachines.com.au.

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Whats New. 25 New Alphabets, now 100 in total.

700 Clip art designs,

20 new Jan files highlighting the new features.

On screen Project based workbook

Improved Monogram Tool

The monogram tool has been has been greatly improved. When you start a new  monogram object a window opens up opens where you can control the lettering,  choose a style, font and size. Then you can add ornaments from the provided sets  of motifs or from your own embroidery designs. You can also create a border with  fill and or an outline.

New Ambiance Quilting

With ambiance quilting you can easily create new and interesting quilt  blocks. You set the size of the block you want to make and then choose from  several styles of quilting like stipple, scroll or echo. Once you use the tool  several new run line objects are created and you can then convert them to have  any type of stitch like backstitch or candlewick run line.

New Stitch Types � Cross Stitch & Stipple Fill

There are two new stitch types that have been added in version 4. One is  cross stitch and the other is stipple fill. open a design and see how you can  easily convert parts of the design into cross stitch and other parts into  stipple fill.

Improved Colour Matching 

The colour matching tool has been improved in version 4. You can choose from  dozens of brands of embroidery thread and then have that thread be matched to  the thread of your design. Save your custom thread chart as a template so you  can use it again without needing to re do the setup of the colour chart.

New Expanded Tool Tips

In version 4 when you hold your mouse over a tool and wait for a moment you  will see an expanded tool tip. You can use the tool tip to link to that tool in  the on screen manual that is included with the software. There are also new  expanded rotate and skew tool tips.

New Easy Switch Measurement System

New in version 4 is the ability to easily change from metric to imperial  measurement system. You can actually use both systems at the same time. If you  are using metric but type in a number with the � for inches after the software  will automatically convert that number to metric.

Improved Applique Tool

The applique tool has been improved in version 4. You now have the ability to  display applique fabric that is pre loaded or you can create custom fabric to  use on your shapes. Also in new version 4 is the ability to remove the satin  stitch border where two appliques overlap.

New Duplicate with Offset

New in version 4 is the ability to duplicate with an offset. When you right  click and drag you will make a duplicate of an object. If you use the duplicate  tool you will continue to get new objects at an equal space from the previous  object based on the offset.

Improved Lettering Art

The lettering art tool has been improved in version 4. You now have the  ability to apply more than one type of lettering art on the same object. Then  you can remove one layer of the lettering art or remove all lettering art if you  want to try again.

Improved Auto Digitizing

IN version 4 the automatic digitizing tool has been improved to have even  more control over the process. Shows you how to choose what colour will be a  fill or detail and how that relates to the finished design. Includes the  improved fill hole and remove overlap tool.

Improved Object Recognition

The ability to open a stitch file such as .jef or .dst and then make edits to  the design is possible because of a special ability called object recognition.  The software reads the stitches of a design and then creates objects based on  it�s understanding of the patterns. In version 4 the object recognition has been  improved .

New Always Trim Tool

New in version 4 is the ability to ensure a thread trim will happen in your  design. There is a new tool called trim always and you can use this to force the  software to include jumps to create a thread trim in the design. You can use  this tool on objects you create and also lettering objects.

Improved Outlines and Offsets Tool

You can add outlines or offsets to your objects with this improved tool. You  can choose the type of stitch for the outline and separate control for the  offset. Also new is the ability to choose from individual outlines or a welded  object around the common shape.

New Branching and Break Apart Tool

With the break apart tool you can separate the individual parts of a group of  objects that have been grouped together with branching. Objects that are  branched together will be connected with a common start and end point and the  software will plan the connecting stitches to path the objects together.

New Closed Line Tool

New in version 4 is the closed line tool for both run line and satin border.  This tool works the same as the original open run line tool except that the same  is automatically closed when you press enter.

Improved Radial Fill Tool

Radial fill has been improved in version 4 to make it much easier to reshape  or move the center of the radius. Now you can not only move the point but you  can adjust the size of the radius and shape. The object is edited like it was a  parallel and not like a turning angle fill as it was in version 3.

New Splitting Guide

The new splitting guide tool give you the ability to choose where large  objects will be split when you are multi hooping or using the Giga or Macro  hoop. The new tool will split lettering, run line or fill objects.

New Corel Draw Essentials


n version 4 Digitizer includes the ability to use vectors with the Corel Draw  option. You can switch between Corel and Digitizer software and easily create  embroidery from vectors. You can also do the opposite and convert embroidery to  be a vector. See the tools available when using Corel graphics mode with  Digitizer software.

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