Sock hoop for Janome MB7 embroidery machine

The Sock hoop for the Janome MB4 and MB7 is now available. Pay only $499. ring us on 1300137041 to buy one

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Create customized socks with the Sock Hoop Kit. The Sock Hoop is also great for wrist bands, gloves, pouches, and any other difficult to hoop items. The hoops are shown on the screen from the S folder.


  • 2 X Sock Hoop (adults)
  • 2 X Sock Hoop (children)
  • 1 X Hoop Seeting Board (adults)
  • 1 X Hoop Setting Board (children)
  • 1 X Hoop Holder
  • 2 X Thumb Screw
  • 1 X Instruction Sheet

Set consists of two hoops for embroidering on socks and gloves in the  sizes 58 mm x 79 mm and 48 mm x 71 mm and two devices which facilitates  attachment of socks and gloves.

Part number 770 480 006