Up Grade Kit for Janome 9400qcp

Up grade your Janome 9400qcp with this new upgrade kit for only $199

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Horizon Memory Craft 9400QCP
Accessory Upgrade Kit
The Horizon Memorycraft 9400QCP our top-of-the-line Quilting Model,

 it is the first sewing machine in our range (excluding Embroidery models) with the ability to be upgraded.
We are pleased to announce the release of the Accessory Upgrade Kit for the Horizon Memorycraft 9400QCP. This Kit comes with a USB Key pre-loaded with the machine update + 4 additional feet.
Once upgraded the machine will have Ruler Work capability (the same as our Quilt Maker Memory Craft 15000).
Contact your HMC9400QCP customers today to upgrade their machines.
Consider offering your customers a service deal to upgrade their machine + conduct a routine maintenance service at the same time. Plus, take this opportunity to update and increase your customer database by checking email addresses and contact numbers.


These are the features of this quilting kit

Ruler Work Foot (QR):


This foot was developed for doing ruler work. Guide  quilting templates along the edge of the foot to create straight,  curved, or repetitious patterns depending on your ruler or quilting  template. The v-shaped gap in the front enhances visibility.


Variable Zigzag Open-Toe Foot (QZ):


An open type variable zigzag foot which makes it easy to see your  stitches as they form. Especially useful for detailed areas, layered  stitch finishing or thread painting.


Quarter Inch Seam Foot Without Guide (O):


Seasoned quilters prefer to use a 1/4” Seam foot without the  assistance of guide to avoid catching on the seam allowance. There is  even a 1/4” guide line on the left side of the needle drop for  added convenience.


Open-Toe Darning Foot (PD-H):


For quilters who prefer to free motion with a darning foot, an  opening in the front is a must! This open-toe darning foot makes the  needle very easy to see.